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Achieving Our Mission

We are always experimenting with various policies, putting forward programs and testing their effectiveness in achieving our mission. Here are some of the things are doing.

All programs listed below are openly licensed. You may implement them freely at your school.

DEAR Culture at Bloom

DEAR stands for Drop Everything And Read. Every Friday, students at Bloom have an hour of DEAR time where they study their favorite Novel, Newspaper article or anything that’s not a part of their school curriculum.

With the implementation of DEAR culture, we have seen significant improvement in students' reading habits.


We encourage students to go out onto the field and get their hands dirty. This, we believe, is the only way to really learn.

Be it for a Math/Science class or Social Studies, we maximize the use of in-class and out-of-the-class activities for students to engage in and enjoy the topic.

Passion First

We deeply believe that passion is a major driving component of one's success in life.

Bloom Nepal is merely an institution with the right set of tools and an environment for fostering and nurturing each child's passion.

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