Quality education should be accessible to people from all economic backgrounds.

About Our Scholarship

Bloom Nepal School provides merit-based financial aid to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. In some circumstances, like if you’re really dedicated but haven’t had the opportunity to show your academic abilities, we might be able to provide you financial aid irrespective of your prior academic record.

All our scholarships are provided by Bloom Nepal Foundation through the generosity of donors around the world.

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Learn How to Apply

How To Apply

First, make sure you qualify for a scholarship at Bloom. The requirements are listed below.

  • You have been studying at a community school for the last 3 years.
  • You are the topper of your class.
  • You and your parents are highly motivated.
  • Your family cannot afford to pay for education at Bloom.

If you qualify for all the requirements listed above, or you have a special story that you think might qualify you for a scholarship, we would like to hear from you. The following are the documents we would need.

  • Most recent 2 years of academic Marksheet from your previous school.
  • Your birth certificate (copy), Father’s or Mother’s citizenship card (copy).

Submitting the Application

You may email us the documents or have someone bring them to the school in Lalitpur. After reviewing your documents, we will contact you. If you’re selected in the first round, you will have to sit for an entrance exam. Then your admission will be finalized after we review your case more thoroughly.

Anytime in the process, you may contact us. Please feel free; we would love to guide you through.

Request to Readers

It’s a tragedy that the message about our scholarship often doesn’t reach those who need it the most and would qualify to receive it. If you come across someone who you think deserves our scholarship, we request you to connect them with us. Thank You.

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