Privacy Policy

The privacy of all stakeholders is important to us. The school follows strict privacy measures to protect information and uphold the cyber integrity of each member.

What Information do we collect?

On annual basis, we collect

  • Demographic information on students, parents and guardians
  • Medical Information on students.
  • Birth registration form of students
  • Academic information from the previous school
  • Interests and passion of students
  • Payment records of students

Information is collected from

  • Admission forms
  • Interviews with parents and students
  • Regular interactions with stakeholders
  • Parents teachers meetings

On period basic we maintain

  • Academic records of students
  • Behaviour flags
  • Merit and Demerit counts
  • Extracurricular records and achievements

Accountable Officer

The Accountable Officer for this policy is the Executive Director of the school. Any breach to your privacy rights can be reported to the director or the principal.

Data security

The school keeps academic and personal information on the school's official Education Resource Planning (ERP) software.

Financial information is recorded in the Financial Management Information System (FMIS).

Any reporting on data issues can be reported in writing to

Transfer of information outside School

The school will only transfer personal and/or health information to individuals or institutions outside the school in limited circumstances or when mandated by the government authority. Specifically, the school can and should transfer academic and personal information to :

  • The Municipal Education Office and the officer to comply with reporting requirements
  • To Education Development and Coordination Unit (EDCU) for examination purposes
  • To other schools, as per the request of students.

In cases where personal and/or health information is being transferred, the students and parents will be kept aware.

Sensitive information

The school will only collect sensitive information in limited circumstances. For example, the school can collect sensitive information if the individual has consented or if the collection is required by law.

More information

For more information about this policy, contact the school at or at +977 1-5709030. ​

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