Facilities and Features

We strive to be consistent with the facilities we provide across our network of schools. However, there are differences as demanded by natural factors like location, weather, etc. Please select the school you’d like to learn more about.


Our Lalitpur campus is located in the foothills of the Sankhadevi in Mahalaxmi, Lalitpur. Just a 45-minute away from the bustle of the busy capital city, our campus spans over an area of 30 ropanis, giving students enough open space for learning through/and recreation.

International Exposure

We are graced by the visit of volunteers, teachers, interns and friends from Europe and America almost all year long.

This provides an incredible opportunity for students to learn about culture beyond the local along with learning the skillset this international body comes to share.

Residence & Day Scholars

Students can stay with us in the residence halls or may choose to commute from home if that’s an option. This mixed residential setting allows us to create a diverse cultural experience without forgetting the local taste of things.

Resident System

Oh, the staff vs. student football matches on Saturdays, the rounds during the study hours, and the noise of chicken dinner in the dining hall; Bloom is really a close-knit family.

There are a total of 4 hostels (residential blocks), which we call houses, that house about 130 students.

Day Scholars

Students from the local area commute on daily basis either on their own or via the school bus that we run covering almost all Mahalxmi Municipality. The students are picked up at 7 AM and returned home by 5 PM.

You can explore the bus route here

Weekday Boarding Facility

We drop students at home on Friday, after the end of classes and pick up early morning before the start of the classes. This facility is available for subscription to all reasonable drop points inside the valley.

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