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One of our founders, Ram K. Rijal, was inspired by his highly talented peers while doing his undergraduate at MIT. Soon he noticed a trend among his friends, which was that they all had the opportunity to explore their area of interest from a small age.

With the aim of establishing learning institutions in his home country, Nepal, of similar culture, Mr. Rijal returned home soon after finishing his finals (not even waiting for the graduation ceremony) to materialize his idea. The result, today, is Bloom Nepal School.

A Humble Beginning

Started with just 17 students in 2013, we now have more than 700 in two schools across the country, and we are growing!

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The magic is in the attitude stats are the proof

Our graduates have gone on to be UWC scholars in the US, Thailand, and many more countries. More than 80% are studying with scholarships in the top +2 colleges and universities in the country. Better yet, this is just the beginning.

The success of our graduates is the success of our, what might at first look like, eccentric, pedagogies. Especially our philosophy of Passion-Based Learning. Find more below!

Passion Based Learning

Our approach to education is holistic. We believe that sport is a form of education as much as is solving mathematical equations. We value every passion. Find how we align students' passion with academics.

Finding Passion at Bloom

One might wonder how Bloom enables students to find their passion before letting them pursue them. As we have seen at Bloom, passion is contagious. Our finding is that growing up in an environment full of passionate teachers and friends who participate and organize various events throughout the year enables new students to discover their passion too.

We believe that sport, like many other seemingly vocational disciplines, is not just a tool that helps one excel in personal and academic life, but is a much border discipline of life itself.

Enabling Students' Creation

Bloom is nothing but an institution that enables students to discover and pursue their passion. It is the students who are the real rockstars.

If you want to find out what our students are doing, the following links should guide you.

Education For All

Bloom is an incredibly diverse family of students. Our students come from more than 35 districts from the rugged Himalayas, hills, and the arable Terai. This has only been possible because of the scholarship we award through the Bloom Nepal Foundation.

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Be Bold

Embrace change. Be a Bloom Nepal Student.

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