We are just a team of Education Enthusiasts.

Dinesh Budhathoki

Director of Operations at Itahari

I take care of the overall management of daily operations at Bloom Nepal School Itahari.

Position Status: Active

Anju Maharjan


I look after the accounts at the school. You can reach out to me with any account and billing-related questions and concerns.

Favorite pastime : Teaching creative skills to students

Position Status: Active

Yasoda Devin Kaphle


I like learning new things, talking to people and cooking.

I have been teaching Nepali to secondary level teachers in 2013 AD. I am also in charge of secondary levels. I am the first go-to person for any academic and administrative concerns relating to secondary level students.

Favourite color : My favorite color is purple.

Position Status: Active

Ram K. Rijal


An education and workforce enthusiast

I am the chairman of the school and focus on expansion activities. I am the go-to person for investment and accountability related issues concerning the school. I also teach mathematics, work together with wonderful kids from all over the country

Activities done just for fun : I love traveling to new places, previously unexplored and unseen mostly.

Position Status: Active

Ajay Shrestha

Executive Director

I oversee finances and budgeting at Bloom. I am the go-to person for any account and reporting related questions. I also teach computers to kids.

Position Status: Active

Ajit Pokhrel

Head of Administrative Operations

At Bloom, I oversee the administration of non-teaching staff. I coordinate with teaching staff closely to ensure the smooth functioning of the school. I am also the communication officer of the school.

Position Status: Active

Madhuri Basnet

Section InCharge - Junior

I look after the junior classes. I am the go-to person for any questions related to junior classes.

Teaching : Is the art of extracting the best out of any student.

Position Status: Active

Surya Karki

Direction of Business

I identify and implement expansion projects, including building new schools and adding new investors to the team.

Position Status: Active

Rabindra Maharjan

Director of Community Relationship

I focus on building community relationships and strengthening a congenial environment among all stakeholders.

Position Status: Active

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