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Admission Process

  1. We usually take admission for students from grades 1 to 8 in Lalitpur campus and PG to 8 in Itahari Campus. If you are going to be in any of those grades in the upcoming school year, fill out the admission form below!
  2. We meet online or at Bloom Nepal School for your Entrance Exam. (don’t be nervous, we’ve got sample questions below :)
  3. We review your Exam (this is pretty quick; usually < 24 hrs), and set a meeting with your parent and you and consider your admission based on the entrance exam, extra-curricular involvement, and interpersonal qualities.
  4. You're a Bloom Nepal student now. Yayy!


We know that education will have the most impact on the lives of those who cannot afford to pay for it. To address this paradox, we set up Bloom Nepal Foundation that provides scholarships to those families.

Entrance Details

  • The examination may be conducted online/in-person.
  • You need to take the examination yourself; any help by third person isn't allowed.
  • Subjects covered in exam vary by grade. See sample questions below.
  • Entrace exam is just one part of the holistic application process. It is a major by not the only determining factor for admission.
  • Come prepared, but don’t be nervous.
  • Make sure you practice the sample questions.

Download Sample Entrance Questions

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