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Kritim | Student

Bloom Nepal School was literally the second home. Every day felt like staying in a home away from home. I got a lot of support from teachers and fellow students, to continuously push myself.

We played a lot of games and exchanged fun in everything we did. The teachers and students all blended in together to help each other. I did not have to hesitate to ask questions.

I am very happy to have been a part of this flourishing environment that paved a strong foundation for my transition to UWC, IB. The four years of time at Bloom helped me enhance my academic and moral maturity to prepare me for the future. Bloom's guidance to the path of UWC has been just another incredible contribution of my life.

UWC summons creative minds throughout the world to volunteer actions for a sustainable and peaceful future. With the diversity of nations comes the diversity of culture, society, and opinions and to be able to participate and experience such an exuberant society has been really humbling. And this all would not have been possible without Bloom's contribution.

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