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Ram K Rijal | Co-founder

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I am Ram K Rijal, and I am a co-founder and chairman of the Bloom School in Nepal. We run quality and holistic education for children through school education. Access to quality education is a basic responsibility of our generation towards future generations. Bloom Nepal School is an implementation, standing for this cause and to of course foster progressive learning for children at all stages.

Through scholarship provisions, we bring in the best and brightest young children in the country and connect them to skilled teachers. We currently have two schools spread over two major towns, Lalitpur and Itahari.

After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012, I couldn’t wait to return home and to start to change the way in which youth are educated in Nepal. Our education system placed little value in exploring passion to the fullest. As a result, potential poets, or athletes, or computer wiz could probably have been undercounted or not expressed. Bloom Nepal School is a result of a desire to match training with passion and produce leaders by doing so.

I grew up in rural Rukum, Nepal where only ten percent of the village is literate and the closest bus stop is a two-day walk away. When I was 10, I gained a scholarship to study in Kathmandu, and later was selected for a scholarship to Pestalozzi in the UK. My experience was rare. It almost never happens, so I decided to set up the school.

The school’s first-year enrolment was 17 students and we were expecting more than 150 students in April 2015, when the earthquake struck and devastated the school. So we set about rebuilding it and that’s what we’ve done. In 2020, we added a second school to our network. We want to keep expanding our network and providing quality education to many more.

We built this school with the idea of making the country ‘bloom’ by providing quality education to children from even the poorest families. We realized everyone has a passion. So let’s use that passion to create living experts who have a huge contribution to the development — and recovery — of Nepal.

(Source: Pestalozzi International Village, UK )

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