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Suvi Helko | Past Intern

Author: Suvi Helko

Interning at Bloom Nepal School was a life-changing experience for me. I stayed with the school for three months in summer 2015 after the earthquake. As the school building was destroyed by the earthquake, we lived in tents.

From day one everybody at the school, both the children and the staff, welcomed me warmly. The team spirit among the students is something I’ve seen nowhere else. The children are happy, helpful, bright, and compassionate.

During those three months, my tasks were teaching English to older students and managing social media platforms. I also conducted a small fundraising campaign and designed newsletters to the donors. I contacted media and wrote news articles to spread the word about the school and after the school days I organized free-time activities for the children.

Bloom Nepal School offered me accommodation, daily meals and a pick up from the airport at the arrival and departure. I warmly recommend volunteering at Bloom Nepal School to anybody who has a passion for education, youth work and development.

I returned to the school for three weeks at the end of summer 2016 to see their new, earthquake-proof structure. During those three months in 2015 I became part of the “Bloom family”, as we call it, and still until this day I keep regular contact with the school staff and the children.

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