Earthquake Blues and Bloom Nepal School

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Hac Bui | intern

Before I arrived in Nepal on 18th May 2015, I thought that after the Earthquake in April, everyone in Nepal must be extremely terrified and hopeless. But when I arrived at Bloom Nepal School, which was totally destroyed by the quake, I just felt the positive atmosphere where kids played and danced all day long and received great care and love from teachers. I really admired their tenacity!

Bloom Nepal School is a great place for an international volunteer like myself. The school heads are international-minded young scholars from the best universities in the world, who gave us the opportunity and freedom to support the school by our best. Also, the kids are awesome! They are smart, motivated, hardworking and adorable! They are also very confident, and the students know English is good enough so that I could communicate with them easily.

This trip has been my best volunteer experience so far and I will definitely go back there in the near future!

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