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Evan Denmark | Intern

As soon as I stepped on to the campus of Bloom Nepal, I was welcomed like family. Everyday, I was immensely impressed with the passion that students and teachers show for each other, their school, and the educational mission that Bloom Nepal supports. I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks at the school learning, documenting, and photographing the vision for future education in Nepal.

In that time, I was not only able to form incredible friendships, but was able to witness first hand the initial steps to changing the future of Nepali education. Like no other school in Nepal, Bloom seeks to bring passion based learning to every student, no matter the student’s upbringing. By taking this new approach to education, the hope is that students will break the norms of traditional schooling in Nepal, allowing them to explore what they are truly interested in, to excel in it, and to propel the country forward based on the education they have received. The vision is powerful and it makes me proud that I am part of the Bloom family.

It has been just over one year since I have been to the school and I am incredibly excited to see how the school has progressed in that time… and it makes me even more excited to return!

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