Stories of Bloom

Earthquake Blues and Bloom Nepal School

Hac Bui, intern Working at Bloom Nepal School

The kids are smart, motivated, hardworking, and adorable.

Bloom Nepal School's Story

Ram K Rijal, Co-founder Working at Bloom Nepal School

Ram K. Rijal is a co-founder and the chairman of Bloom Nepal School.

Standing with Bloom's Challenges

Suvi Helko, Past Intern Working at Bloom Nepal School

Internship at Bloom was definitely the best thing I could have done in helping grow a high impact project.

Empowered with Education

03/17/2021 | Rukmani Ghorasainee, Student Scholarship

Education has given wings, which had been almost cut if transition to Bloom had not been made.

Life in a Treehouse

03/13/2021 | Bimala Dahal, Student Students

She ran to save my life even though she knew that I didn’t love her.

Kritim's Journey From Bloom To USA

10/25/2020 | Kritim, Student Students

The journey from a remote village in Rukum to study IB in the USA.

Bloom in Camera Frames

10/24/2020 | Evan Denmark, Intern Working at Bloom Nepal School

The vision is powerful and it makes me proud that I am part of the Bloom family.

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